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Consider this:


Every year you are required to enter into a unilateral contract with arguably one of the most powerful forces on earth, the IRS.  Based on a complex set of constantly changing rules, you are instructed to declare income on which you must pay a tax.  Pay too much and it's gone forever.  Fail to pay enough and the government has an extended period of time to collect underpaid tax plus penalties and interest.  Determining the right amount requires 3 things:

  1. Knowledge of current tax laws and rules

  2. Good, defensible and reliable financial information

  3. An advisor that is there for you when you call

Historically, in any given year, a family's Federal and state total tax liability represents its largest single expenditure category.  Do you sincerely believe that you are serving your best interests by proceeding on your own?

We Offer



Bookkeeping and outsourced non-assurance accounting services.  Software recommendations and setup.  


Tax Planning

& Preparation 

For businesses, fiduciaries and individuals.  Tax return preparation, proactive tax planning and IRS problem resolution.


Entity selection and structure advisory, new business startup, and IRS representation.  Multi-state and international tax implications.  

With Over 50 Years of Experience, Our Team has the Knowledge and Expertise to Ensure Professional, Accurate, High Quality Service


Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

We do not try to be all things to all people.  Our concentration is focused on those areas in which we have developed experience and in-depth knowledge.


“I am proud to be paying taxes in the United States.  The only thing is - I could be just as proud for half the money.”

—  Arthur Godfrey  —
Entertainer & radio personality

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