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Tax Planning & Preparation

Initially, we start with a brief interview and review of your current situation and tax history.   At a minimum, we ask you to annually update a pre-filled questionnaire to notify us of changes in your life or business that will help us adjust your tax strategy and enhance the accuracy of tax filings.  Additionally, during the year, we stay abreast of tax laws, rulings and economic events that may impact your tax strategy.  We attempt to notify you immediately when we identify situations where action needs to be taken.  We believe that putting you in a position to pay the lowest legal and ethical amount of tax is a year-round process.

Consulting Services

Many new business owners, who otherwise know their business and its process fully, discover early on some previously unseen difficulties with the business of being in business.  These difficulties can come from many diverse sources: regulatory, administrative, financing and personnel to name just a few.  Sometimes, they are a result of improper entity type selection.  We can assist in getting you on the right track so that you can concentrate on what you do best. 

Trust & Estate Income Tax Services

Trustees, executors and personal representatives have great responsibilities and sometimes wide latitude in fulfilling their fiduciary duties.  Trusts and estates often have numerous affected parties with conflicting interests.  We work with many attorneys that specialize in this area of the law to provide enabling instrument compliance and prepare estate and trust income tax returns and gift tax returns.  We can also help fiduciaries and attorneys with accounting income, cash flow and investment tracking reporting.

Accounting Services

Most small business owners resist hiring professionals to help with their accounting needs, usually because they feel they cannot afford it or believe their books are simple and they can "figure it out."  It is our experience that extremely few entrepreneurs possess the requisite accounting skills to cobble together a "passable" set of books - which will somehow make its way onto a tax return.  Setting aside that incorrect books give a business owner a flawed picture of operational effectiveness, they can be the basis for over or understating their tax liability.  We have developed many customized ways to assist the small business owner correctly manage their bookkeeping needs in a cost effective manner.  

Other Advisory Services

  • IRS Tax Representation & Resolution

  • Delinquent FBAR Resolution - You will likely also need the services of an attorney that specializes in this topic.  We can make a recommendation from many we have worked with and assist you through the process.

  • Written Tax Opinions

  • Xero accounting software - We can offer training and support.  We use and recommend this excellent online accounting product.

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